Time to frame up




It has been such a long time since I have framed up that I have almost forgotten how! After a few too many false starts, I finally got it right (with a little help).

One little tip I found helpful was to take a single thread of the calico and gently pull the strand out.  The calico might need a little ironing after, but it helps to see the straight grain on the fabric, saving time and frustration later.


I am framing up a slate frame with calico for a stumpwork project. For this design I have chosen a beautiful design by illustrator Ofra Amit (www.ofra-amit.com). It is this artist’s take on Little Red Riding Hood.


The fairytales and childrens illustration lend themselves beautifully to stumpwork. I am not interested in the Disney princess type of illustrations, I prefer for the darker side of fairytales. These stories were once used as lessons for children to learn. In times gone, it was these stories that were passed down from generation to generation, where literacy was but for the privileged few.

The elements I must complete as part of this assessment required some redesigning of the original picture – enlarging Red Riding Hood to the specified height and turning her around a little to include a face. The size of the figure and a face are essential elements for assessment.

I have sourced fabrics and colour matched them to the design. It is notoriously difficult to get exact colour matches, but this can also allow some creativity and interpretation of the original design colours.


I am currently putting together a stitch plan and order of work. The early stages of any embroidery requires a lot of planning. A little bit of thoughtful planning can help to avoid mistakes later on,


Or so I’m hoping!

Tomorrow I will be ready to start applying background fabrics.


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